Debt Management Plans & Debt Consolidation – Get Debt Free With Our Help

Get Debt Free

We help over 300 people every day in the uk that are in debt and need help to become debt free. Whether you owe £100 or £100,000 we can help with a debt management plan that can get your life back on track, with one manageable monthly amount that you can afford. We take all the stress and hassle away from you as we will deal with all your creditors so you wont receive any more calls or letters demanding money.

How Debt Consolidation Works

If you have more than one creditor and can’t afford to pay them all each month a debt consolidation plan can be the option. We deal directly with you to find out what you can afford each month and we will then share this amount with your creditors, we will also get the interest frozen on any outstanding balances you still owe.  If you are struggling with debt and the interest is going on each month you may only be paying the minimum amount which can take years to pay off, if you will live long enough to pay it off. By stopping the charges each month with a debt consolidation plan you are then starting to clear the outstanding debt even paying the minimum amount or whatever you can afford to pay.


large-tick Our service has no upfront fees unlike other companies

large-tick We deal with your creditors so they wont contact you anymore

large-tick Any unsecured debts you have can be cleared

large-tick Debt consolidation for bad credit